Washington University

Computer Sciences 
Advanced Bioinformatics (Spring 2001)


 Bioinformatics (computational molecular biology) is an exciting new area that involves developing computational methods for managing and analyzing information about the sequence, structure and function of biological molecules and systems.

The goals of this course are to provide an understanding of:



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Table of Contents


Basics of Molecular Biology

Michael Gates

Basics of Molecular Biology (continued)

Tory McGrath

Introduction to Sequence Similarity

Martin Tompa

Alignment by Dynamic Programming

Martin Tompa

Local Alignment, and Gap Penalties

Martin Tompa

Multiple Sequence Alignment

Martin Tompa

Finding Instances of Known Sites

Elisabeth Rosenthal

Relative Entropy

Anne-Louise Leutenegger

Relative Entropy and Binding Energy

Neil Spring

Finding Instances of Unknown Sites

Dylan Chivian

Correlation of Positions in Sequences

Tammy Williams

Maximum Subsequence Problem

Mathieu Blanchette

Markov Chains

Jonathan Schaefer

Using Interpolated Context Models to Find Genes

Gretta Bartels

Start Codon Prediction

Mingzhou Song

RNA Secondary Structure Prediction

Matthew Cary

RNA Secondary Structure Prediction (continued)

Don Patterson

Speeding Up Internal Loop Computations

Kellie Plow